Cy Woods Choir Google Calendar

Did you know? You can sync the Cy Woods Choir Calendar to your smartphone calendar! When we add or edit an event on our end, it will automatically update on your end.

Instructions for syncing calendar to iPhone calendar:

  1. On your iPhone, open "Settings" and scroll down to "Calendar."

  2. Select "Accounts", then select "Add Account" at the bottom.

  3. Select "Other" at the bottom, then "Add Subscribed Calendar" at the bottom.

  4. Copy and paste the following URL into the next "Server" screen:

  5. Select "Save." Open your iPhone calendar. Choir events should now appear!

Instructions for syncing calendar to Google Calendar - only way for Android users, but also possible for iPhone users

  1. On this webpage, scroll the bottom right of the calendar and select the blue plus next to the Google Calendar icon. (Note: If you are doing this on a smartphone, you may have to rotate your phone horizontally.)

  2. A new browser window should open and you should be given an option to add Cy Woods Choir to your Google Calendars.

  3. Cy Woods Choir should appear in the left menu under "Other calendars." Be sure the checkbox to the left is checked.

  4. Download the Google Calendar app to your device (if you haven't already). Cy Woods Choir events should now appear in your Google Calendar.